Our volunteers are crucial to our centre's daily operations and are highly valued team members.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are crucial to our centre's daily operations and are highly valued team members. Volunteering offers people the opportunity to engage in rewarding and fulfilling work while giving back to the community. It's also a great way to update or learn new skills. We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to the Centre and right now we would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping out in our Cafe, Community Shed or assisting in classroom set up and general cleaning.

Volunteer of the Month

Due to the current State of Emergency, Glen Park's volunteer program has been temporarily suspended until further notice and our volunteer of the month will resume once we're able to reopen to the public. 

As we're unable to announce volunteer of the month, we'd like to acknowledge ALL of our volunteers!
Thank you to our beautiful team of volunteers that continue to support Glen Park Community Centre and Cafe on the Park during these difficult times. We look forward to the day that we can resume our volunteer program and see all your smiling faces again!


Thank you: Jan Berger, Antony Cannon, Jared Duffy, Suzanne Hindley, Amanda Homewood, Diana Lay, Adrian Rambaldo, Neil Roberts, Christoph Von Arnim, Heather Wall, Peter Yordonopulo, Natalie Rufford-Sharpe, Jacinta Broadway, Jordan Sgarioto, Theresa Wong, Kim Parsons, Jeff Garrioch, Hilary Bird, Hussain Morssi & John Cobb.