About Cafe on the Park

Café on the Park is a registered social enterprise and social trader. What does it mean to be a registered social enterprise? It means Café on the Park trades wholly and solely to respond to social issues, provide community with access to fresh, affordable food and to provide opportunities for the community to access employment and training pathways - we are so much more than that.

Being a registered social enterprise allows us to offer community services such as Community Pantry, Community Meals, School Uniform & Supplies Collection and Order and Collect Meals through our partnership with Eastland Shopping Centre. These amazing community programs are all free for eligible community members. For more information on these programs or eligibility criteria, click here.

Café on the Park also provides a hands-on training space for pre-accredited pathways programs such as Hungry4Success – Training, Introduction to Hospitality, Barista Basics and Gateways and Pathways (GaP). Programs such as these provide education, training and employment opportunities for some of our most vulnerable learners in the community.

You may have heard of ‘responsible cafes’ but what are they? Responsible café’s have made the commitment to create a cleaner, safer environment which means we minimise the amount of plastic and single use items we use. You won’t find plastic straws or plastic bags at Café on the Park!

We strive to maintain an environment which promotes social inclusion for all members of the cmmunity. You will always be respected for who you are at Café on the Park. We provide opportunities to all members of our community whether that’s through Glen Park’s Volunteer Program, a safe place to relax and have a great coffee or by accessing one of the many community services on offer. 

If you have ever been to Café on the Park, there is no doubt you would have met one of our amazing volunteers (like Heather) or if you were lucky enough, a cheeky run in with Naomi, Café on the Park’s Social Enterprise Coordinator and Chef Extraordinaire. You would also know that we are coffee fanatics and provide one of the yummiest cups of coffee this side of Melbourne! If you’re yet to visit us and experience the amazing culture, coffee, and tastiest menu items – what are you waiting for?

Café on the Park also provides a delicious, socially conscious catering service – Hungry4Success Catering. For every $1 spent in the café, you are creating $5.46 in community value. Small actions make powerful changes.

If you would like more information on the Cafe or the available community services, pre-accredited training programs or Glen Park’s Volunteer Program, please contact the office on or (03) 9720 5097.

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