Hungry 4 Success® - Catering

Catering with a conscience; for every $1 you spend on your catering order, Hungry 4 Success® - Catering generates $5.46 of community value.

Hungry 4 Success® - Catering is a service of Glen Park Community Centre and operates from Glen Park’s Social Enterprise Café: Cafe on the Park. Hungry 4 Success® - Catering is part of our registered Social Enterprise and registered Social Trader. Our mission is to create a strong, connected community - free from poverty, isolation, and injustice, where every person has access to food, housing, social and economic participation, lifelong learning, and support.

The income generated from Hungry 4 Success® – Catering creates opportunities within your community. When you order with Hungry 4 Success® – Catering, you make providing essential support services possible, such as our Community Pantry, Community Meals, Uniform and School Supplies Collection and so much more. These emergency relief programs provide support and material aid to some of your most vulnerable community members, and it’s all made possible with your choice to order catering with Hungry 4 Success® – Catering. The income generated from your powerful choice also goes back into the community by providing training opportunities through Glen Park Community Centre’s Volunteer program and programs such as Hungry 4 Success® - Training. These programs are essential to have in the community, they create pathways to education and employment to your most vulnerable, disadvantaged, disengaged, and socially isolated community members.

Hungry 4 Success® - Catering not only provides delicious and fresh catering, we are also passionate about food and providing excellent service. Cafe on the Park's Social Enterprise Coordinator and Hungry 4 Success® - Catering's head Chef; Naomi, will assist you every step of the way and will make sure your event is one to be remembered! 

When you order catering through Hungry 4 Success® – Catering, you are changing lives. That’s a pretty good outcome for your purchase, don’t you think?

Choose Delicious and Choose Community for your next event.

Order now by contacting Cafe on the Park on (03) 9720 5097 or 

#hungry4successcatering offer a range of beautiful group and individual boxes for any occasion; we can cater for upward of 5 people - we will work with you! We have a range of sweet boxes, mixed sandwiches, roll boxes, and antipasto style boxes.

Every $1 generated is coverted into $5.46 community value which in part goes toward funding #glenparkcommunitycentre Food and Emergency Relief services. 

Since the start of 2022, Hungry 4 Success - Catering have generated over $115,000 in community value - what powerful choices are being made to change someone's life one catering order at a time. We honestly couldn't do it without your support. 

There is no more powerful choice than to #choosedeliciouschoosecommunity and help someone else.

For catering orders - | (03) 9720 5097.


"Thank you so much for the catering for our event. The guests remarked on how fantastix the food was, and of the teacher's expressed curiosity in using your social enterprise for other events."
- Jordan Bakker, Project Officer - Centre for Multicultural Youth.